DDD CAMPUS: workshops for professionals

DDD CAMPUS is a section from DDD – Festival Dias da Dança (April 18 – May 3 2020) which provides training for performing arts professionals through the organisation of five workshops with international trainers: David Zambrano, Brigel Gjoka, Frédéric Gies, Mathilde Monnier and Nala Mulan.

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The price of each workshop includes a pass for 5 shows programmed at the festival.

Improvisation on Stage
Workshop with David Zambrano

18, 19.04
10h30 > 13h00
14h00 > 17h00

In this workshop, participants learn how to create instant pieces of dance drawing on life experiences, being able to consciously and continuously shape their energy whilst integrating body and mind through the process of improvisation.
The workshop begins with the improvisation of solos, duets and movements in small groups, using the other participants as audience. A central figure in the international dance scene for the last 35 years, Zambrano pushes the students to realise that there is always something more inside and that performing is a spontaneous act.

Kinetic (Mechanical energy and the distribution of effort in choreographic composition)
Workshop with Brigel Gjoka

20, 21, 22, 23, 24.04
10h00 > 14h00

Energy connects us with the environment. We are constantly creating energy, whilst being able to control and deconstruct our body language. As dancers, we can execute with precision by mastering the analysis of our coordination and mechanics.
The workshop focuses on investigating the distribution of energy through each articulation of our body. How much effort do we need in order to connect each point in our body? How much effort does it take to find a weightless state? How much effort is necessary to achieve the fastest movement from our neutral position?
Under the coordination of Brigel Gjoka, participants navigate through different choreographic tools, questioning each step until reaching an effortless state, moved by the energy.

Workshop with Frédéric Gies

16h00 > 20h00
10h00 > 14h00

Technosomatics is a movement practice developed by Frédéric Gies. It consists of a collective and individual exploration of the endocrine glands (the major chemical system of our body) and the chakras (energy centres) through club dancing to techno music as well as the opposite: an exploration of club dancing while embodying the endocrine glands and the chakras. It is practiced mostly with eyes closed, in a pitch-dark room. It emphasizes the experiential body and explores alternative maps, which both match and deviate from the mainstream scientific map of the body.
As a form of meditation in movement, it explores trancelike states of consciousness and acknowledges the healing potential of the act of dancing. It also approaches club dance as a tool for self-discovery and for expanding the range of our perceptions.

Atelier Chorégraphique
Workshop with Mathilde Monnier

27, 28, 29, 30.04
10h00 > 14h00

This workshop aims to share the working tools and the processes of dramaturgical construction approached during the conception of the performance Please Please Please, which Mathilde Monnier created along with Tiago Rodrigues and La Ribot.
Those processes were based on the existing correlation between a body in motion and a text to be said. How can we reconciliate and solve the difficulty of a body in motion (with rhythm, energy and awareness) while simultaneously sharing a text with the audience?
This workshop also approaches the basic elements of creation through a course of technics and improvisation exercises.

Vogue Femme
Workshop with Nala Mulan

1, 2, 3.05
9h30 > 13h30

Inspired by the poses of models appearing on the Vogue magazine, voguing became popular in the ballroom scene of Harlem (NYC) in 1980’s. Since then, voguing evolved and included several styles: Old Way, New Way, but also Vogue Femme, which Portuguese-Brazilian dancer Adrielle Mendes (A.K.A. Nala in the ballroom scene) is approaching in this workshop.
Vogue Femme contains five elements: Hands Performance, Catwalk, Duck Walk, Floor Performance e Spin/Dip. This workshop lays the foundations of the movements associated to each one of these elements, so that participants can, subsequently, work on them independently, developing a personal vocabulary.

Besides these five workshops for professionals, DDD CAMPUS also includes a set of activities which are organised in direct articulation with the festival’s programming. Such activities provide different audiences the opportunity to establish a closer relationship with the artists.


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