Ligia Lewis and João Fiadeiro at DDD 2018

Six months from the start of the next edition, two more names from the Festival DDD — Dias da Dança 2018 are revealed: Ligia Lewis and João Fiadeiro.

The choreographer and dancer Ligia Lewis, born in the Dominican Republic and residing in the United States of America, presents "minor matter". The performance, in national premiere, earned her the Bessie Award in the category of Revelation Choreographer 2017 at the beginning of october. This is the second part of the "BLUE, RED, WHITE" trilogy, which began in 2014 with "Sorrow Swag", where blue and melancholy ("feeling blue") were highlighted.

In this work - following the title of the trilogy -, Lewis focuses on the color red, proposing a reflection on minorities. In a logic of interdependence, three dancers interact with physical space, exploring anger and love, usually associated with this color. In the national panorama, the choreographer João Fiadeiro returns to the DDD, after the presentation of “O que fazer daqui para trás", in the 2016 edition.

João Fiadeiro now presents, in premiere, "FROM AFAR IT WAS AN ISLAND" (provisional title of the new creation), where it is explored the status of an extra. On stage, there is a privileged presence of performers on stage, a balance between appearance and disappearance, between the visible and the invisible and between the existent and the non existent: the fact that they are both present and absent at the same time.

The Festival DDD — Dias da Dança 2018 will return to April 26 and will run until May 13 in the cities of Porto, Matosinhos and Gaia.