20  –  30.04   2021

Conversas online - Dança Iminente
Talk #1 Productivity & Procrastination: bodies in a state of siege
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24.04 — 30.04

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In this DDD – Festival Dias da Dança, we invite artists, specialists and journalists to get together and to elaborate on the relevant topics of the times we are currently facing – or in other words, how does art make us reflect on the world and society, or in more words – how do artistic practices translate and are translated into the now.

In an edition that brings together numerous national artists, we decided to bring them together to talk about issues that have been concerning us, in a format that, by not talking directly about their works, makes them think about how their creations are inserted in expanded topics.

There will be 4 talks that will be held throughout the Festival, in a digital format and mark a beginning to question the future, through the present moment.


Talk #1: Productivity & Procrastination: bodies in a state of siege
With João Fiadeiro, Victor Hugo Pontes, Vânia Rodrigues
Mderated by Helena Teixeira da Silva

2020, 2021 and... are years that are making us question the system of production, of creation, of the notion of work. Less is more? More is less? More or less? What are the new forms and, above all, what is the place for contemporary artistic creation nowadays? How does art remain (because it always has been) in a state of siege?

João Fiadeiro, speaks about the real time and its place in the present time and brings to Festival DDD the story of a crisis, of an encounter in Ça va exploser, where the events happen in the cracks of a fiction, in the same way that change happens in the cracks of the system; Victor Hugo Pontes, who is presenting Os Três Irmãos, where fictional characters meet in a non-place, surviving each other's existence, talk to Vânia Rodrigues, cultural and consultant manager, in a talk moderated by  journalist Helena Teixeira da Silva.



20    –    30.04   2021