20  –  30.04   2021

Conversas Online - Dança Iminente
Talk #4 Oracles & Transcendence: in search of the non-palpable
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24.04 — 30.04

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We invite artists, specialists and journalists to get together and to elaborate on the relevant topics of the times we are currently facing – or in other words, how does art make us reflect on the world and society, or in more words – how do artistic practices translate and are translated into the now.

In an edition that brings together numerous national artists, we decided to bring them together to talk about issues that have been concerning us, in a format that, by not talking directly about their works, makes them think about how their creations are inserted in expanded topics.

There will be 4 talks that will be held throughout the Festival, in a digital format and mark a beginning to question the future, through the present moment.#4 Oracles & Transcendence: in search of the non-palpable.

Talk #4: Oracles & Transcendence: in search of the non-palpable

With Luísa Saraiva, Sara Anjo and Teresa Silva, Rita Diamond Casais and moderated by Cláudia Galhós

In the beginning was the verb. That is when doubt arises! We all know what it is like to ask a question and yearn for the answer. The question is in itself a door that opens to unknown rooms. Oracles, whichever they might be, are mirrors - what is revealed is the person themselves, who carries within themselves the answers they need. Art has always emerged as a form of transcendence, a search for answers through the darkness of theatre.

Sara Anjo and Teresa Silva who, in Oráculos, question whether or not a body can be an oracle, suspending the obsession with the future; Luísa Saraiva, who brings us HARK!, shifting the attention from what we see to what we hear and to the invisible traces that appear in the here and now; Rita Diamond Casais – eternal student and apprentice of Astrology since she was 13 years old, later focusing on Vedic Astrology, and finally, Cláudia Galhós, journalist and frequent writer on performative arts, who will moderate this microcosm.

In this talk we bring light to what is not tangible and to new old ways of searching for answers.



20    –    30.04   2021