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How many memories are still buried in the earth?








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Alexandra Costa

— Artist and researcher —

“In reality, cosmologies cannot be erased by brute force, at most they are pervasively sunk somewhere deep inside people.

Out of view but not out of existence.

Every empire rules by building new realities upon repressed memories.”


Alessandra Troncone in The Andean Information Age


Walter Mignolo mentions two aspects that form the basis of the colonial logic: oppression and denial. The oppression - unequal relationship of power that one individual has over another -, and the denial of knowledge of each individual. Achille Mbembe, for instance, tells us that territorial conquest, domination and political, economic and cultural submission of colonized peoples contributed to the construction of an imaginary that, even today, produces impoverishment and subalternization. These aspects, do not just have an impact in the economic and political spheres, but also have contributed, and still contribute to symbolic production and the construction of identities. 


Decoloniality does not refer to an object or practice, or even to a person or group, but to a way of being, thinking and feeling in specific situations, thus facing the colonial matrix of power. It is a tool to transgress homogenizing models of thought, a worldview in the search for an interculturalist future. 


Learn to question history, activate the memories and visual traces of memories linked to other stories and the possibility of mixing it all up.  Explore the practices, sounds and vibrations that arise from confrontation. Think on the still images, replace them with movements.  


The movement without a choreographic agenda, narrative or musical language. The relations of forces that arise from the encounter of bodies. Breathing and weight disposition changes.  The communication that allows you to think about other binding forms of acceleration and connection. Seek the collective memories of intercultural relations, encounters and disencounters, contradictions, struggles, oppressions and resistances. Evoke manual work, memory, and countermemory of living files. Decode the implanted and challenge the hegemonic and linear history, thinking of a diverse "we". Cocreate, write new narratives and listen to new sounds. The defunctionalization of the body territory, a break with the logic of the organization of the body. The rescue of the skin’ sensory records and the body experience. And, finally, recover ancestry.

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