The DDD — Festival Dias da Dança starts from the idea of the connection that can be built between the Porto, Matosinhos and Gaia, three neighbor cities of the North of Portugal, by proposing a programme which attests the diversity in contemporary dance and encourages wandering between performance venues and public spaces. The biggest international contemporary dance festival in Portugal is organised by Porto municipal council, in association of the councils of Matosinhos and Gaia.

The DDD Festival proposes a circuit that will be assured by the coprodutions established between Teatro Municipal do Porto — Rivoli and Campo Alegre, Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos Constantino-Nery, Coliseu Ageas Porto Porto, Serralves Foundation , Teatro do Bolhão, balleteatro, Armazém 22 and Auditório Municipal de Gaia. Each edition new partnerships are built, also extend the possibilities for the performances and activities presentations: Teatro do Bolhão, mala voadora, Mira - Artes Performativas and Casa da Arquitectura.

It is divided in four specific areas:

DDD IN — Performances

One of the particular features of DDD Festival is the way that this first edition showcases artists spanning a number of different generations.

Creations from international artists will be performed alongside works by a new generation of artists living and working in our region who are just waiting to be discovered.

New creations will be premièred over 17 consecutive days of performance, in a programme organised around three weekends that strikes a balance between international and Portuguese events.

This programme design will draw cultural programmers from different parts of the world, enabling them to come to the festival and discover the eclectic panorama characteristic of Portuguese dance.

DDD OUT — Public Spaces ⁄ Corpo + Cidade

In close partnership with Balleteatro, Festival DDD will offer a packed programme for public spaces. In the Corpo + Cidade (Body + City) programme we will rediscover numerous gardens, squares, streets and metro stations through unusual works of choreography, each conceived to suit the scale of the space in question.

DDD EXTRA — Masterclasses / Workshops / Meetings / Cinema / Meeting Point

A series of activities to complement the shows will offer different audiences, and the student community in particular, the opportunity to interact more directly with the choreographers. Various workshops and masterclasses will take place in arts schools in the three cities, stimulating a close relationship between the artists presented in the festival and promoting dance education. A varied programme of meetings on artistic themes arising from the shows, books or the archive will ensure that reflection, questioning, knowledge production and information sharing are a constant throughout the festival.

The Meeting Point DDD is on Café Rivoli of Teatro Rivoli. Until late into the night, and to the sounds of good music, will be the nocturnal nerve centre for chatting, comparing notes, engaging in informal debate and (of course) lots of late-night dancing.

DDD PRO — Workshops for Professionals

The DDD PRO promotes workshops and training for professional dancers or dance students. This project is produced with Relevo Residual - Sekoia - Artes Performativas.


While remaining true to their individual DNA, the young yet sturdy DDD and the historical yet revamped FITEI – International Theatre Festival of Iberian Expression join in a major artistic complicity and communication partnership, thus placing the northern region of portugal in the international performing arts circuit.

So let’s get the dance started!

The Organisation


15 APR — 02 MAY 2021