Farewell to DDD 2017

Depois de 16 dias de intensa programação, o Festival DDD – Dias da Dança 2017 termina, no sábado, 13 de maio, com um dia preenchido — oito espetáculos, com duas estreias absolutas e duas estreias nacionais.

After 16 intense days, Festival DDD — Dias da Dança 2017 ends on Saturday, May 13, with a full day — eight shows, with two absolute premieres and two national premieres.

At 3PM, it is the turn of Flávio Rodrigues to premiere "Effigy / Chorus Landscape" at the Municipal Library of Porto. This performance results from the collaborative involvement of about 40 people, exploring sound as narrative material that goes through prescriptive states that are metamorphosing between defeat and hope. "Effigy / Chorus Landscape" will be presented again at 7PM at the Biblioteca Municipal Florbela Espanca, in Matosinhos.

Then, at 4PM., Luís Guerra presents "A Tundra" at Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos Constantino Nery. The performance is intended to be a tribute to the biome that is the Tundra and all the living beings that inhabit it.

At the same time, KALE Companhia de Dança presents, again, "Harmida", in Armazém 22, in Gaia. The show, which features choreography by Elisabeth Lambeck, puts eight bodies on stage to explore its physicality, developing an abstract choreography about escape, arrival, and hope for a fresh start.

At 5PM, in the heart of D. João I Square, Max Oliveira presents "M & M (Music and Movement)", a work that promises to make you feel, entertain, express and travel freely in a universe of Music and Movement.

At 6:30PM, "O Poço", by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, can be seen again at Teatro Rivoli. The performance places the audience on the technical balconies of the Theater, 20 meters from the altitude and tries to reach the intangible, through iridescent motors, free fall, scintillation and steam in an echo chamber.

At the same time, at 6:30PM, at Teatro Campo Alegre, "El Agitador Vórtex", by Cris Blanco, is presented. During the show a hand-made film is created that reflects different genres - from the comic-musical thriller science fiction with touches of terror and action, through romantic karaoke and martial arts, with traditional costumes, in which the protagonist fight against evil.

The closing performance of the second edition of the festival is by Yoann Bourgeois. "Celui qui Tombe", will be presented at the Coliseu do Porto at 9:30PM, to test the limits of gravity. The dancers are suspended on a platform that swings, turns and tilts, and tries to maintain balance, developing a dangerous dance of survival. The performance is directed to the public and features moments that cross dance with the new circus and acrobatics.

The last night of Festival DDD could only end in celebration. After the show, DDD's Meeting Point, Café-Rivoli, hosts DJ Set by Hélio Morais, collaborator of Linda Martini and PAUS!



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