Auditório Municipal de Gaia — Gaia




Auditório Municipal de Gaia — Gaia


They’re headed somewhere, but the place they’re going is the one they never left.

“From Afar It Was an Island” is the title of a children’s book by Italian designer Bruno Munari. From a dramaturgical point of view this work isn’t directly based on the book, but the quality of presence, duration and interest relates to the values addressed in it. From afar, what the performers say and do seems to make sense. There’s a rationale — a feeling of beginning, middle and end — behind their displacements that we recognise in our bodies and in the bodies with which we’ve become used to interact. But as time goes by, we realise they’re not headed anywhere and they don’t stand for anything but their presence. It doesn’t mean that they’re walking in circles, rather that they move to a place where time is suspended and expanding. A place where beginning and end get mixed up, inside and outside are reversed, and centre and periphery blend. If we’re successful (if we find that place and are able to share it), we’ll fulfil what seems to us the only purpose of a work of art: to offer itself so as to be imagined. — João Fiadeiro


João Fiadeiro belongs to the generation of choreographers that emerged at the end of the 1980s and that, following the American "post-modern" movement and the French and Belgian Nouvelle Danse movements, gave rise to Nova Dança Portuguesa. Much of his training was done between Lisbon, New York and Berlin, after which he danced with Companhia de Dança de Lisboa (86-88) and Ballet Gulbenkian (89-90). In 1990 he founded Companhia RE.AL, which, in addition to creating and performing his shows, regularly staged across Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and South America, mentored and represented emerging artists. At the same time, in the context of the programming of Atelier Real, it welcomed artists in residence and presented transdisciplinary artists and events. João Fiadeiro has regularly led workshops at various schools and universities, in Portugal and overseas. He is currently studying for a doctorate in contemporary art at Colégio das Artes da Universidade de Coimbra (the Coimbra University College of Arts).

Concept and direction João Fiadeiro • Co-directed by Carolina Campos • Performance and co-creation Adaline Anobile, Carolina Campos, Iván Haidar, Julián Pacomio, Nuno Lucas • Scenic Space Nadia Lauro • Sonic space Jonathan Saldanha • Light and technical direction Leticia Skrycky • Dramaturgy Leonardo Mouramateus • Order Alkantara Festival 2018 • Co-produced by Alkantara ⁄ Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro Viriato (Viseu), Teatro Avenida (Castelo Branco), Centre National de la Danse (Paris) • Executive production RE.AL / Sinara Suzin • Costume assistance Gabriela Forman • Objects Bruno Bogarim • Intern Mauro Soares • Difusion Something Great • Artistic residences Atelier Real, Espaço Alkantara, Armazém 22 • Financed by República Portuguesa - Cultura / DGArtes – Direção-Geral das Artes através de um apoio pontual e apoiado por Câmara Municipal de Lisboa / Polo Cultural Gaivotas, Boavista • Acknowledgements Annika Pannitto, Ethan Ocean Wong, Fabienne Wong, Kayde Anobile, Rita Quaglia, Jin Young Park, Ali Moini, Marta Morais, Teatro Nacional São Carlos, Teatro Maria Matos, Casa dos Tapetes FOFAL • Approximate lenght. 1h15