20  –  30.04   2021

Irmãos is a documentary which follows the creation of Victor Hugo Pontes’ latest performance Os Três Irmãos, which is part of the DDD programme. It depicts the different phases of the creative development of the an idea of the choreographer, which gave origin to an original play by author Gonçalo M Tavares. The idea and the text were then materialised in the bodies of three dancers Dinis Duarte, Paulo Mota and Valter Fernandes).

The film unveils the dedication and daily efforts, the doubts and the research, some flaws and difficulties, but also the achievements and the relationship of complicity between all, in a record of great proximity between the choreographer and the performers. Documenting this process, Irmãos reflects the search for a physical discourse that was built over several weeks through the movement of the bodies of the three dancers, marked by a literary text and the creative universe of Victor Hugo Pontes.

A film by Miguel C. Tavares
Photographed by Miguel C. Tavares, Rui Manuel Vieira
Editado por Miguel C. Tavares
Original music Joana Gama e Luís Fernandes
Colour grading Rui Manuel Vieira

Sound mixing Duarte Ferreira
Graphic Design Marta Ramos

Transcription Mariana Lourenço
Translation and subtitling Matilde Lencastre

Artistic consultancy Victor Hugo Pontes

Acknowledgement Erika Naccari, Joana Ventura, Luís Pedro Ferreira, Madalena Alfaia, Mariana Lourenço, Rui Manuel Vieira, Pedro Neto


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20    –    30.04   2021