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Shaka Lion

Shaka Lion
© DR

Shaka Lion is said to be a being under construction. It lives in permanent mutation and whirl. It is permeable to rhythm and sensitive to beauty. With a wide smile and long braids, an entire planet can fit in him. Brazil, which has been in his body since the cradle. Jamaica, who grew up listening. Barreiro, where he went to school. Lisbon, agglutinator of currents and center of gravity of movements. And the world where it goes.

In Lisbon, he settled in houses like Copenhagen, Casa Independente and Park early on. Later, the jump to Musicbox. And now also the Lux, where he has shared a cabin with his guests from different sides of the Atlantic.

On the festival circuit, he has toured several geographies such as NOS Alive, Lisboa Dance Festival, ID_No Limits and the traveling Festival Iminente (Lisbon, London, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro).

On radio, he was responsible for sets on NTS and Beats 1, this one stamped by Soulection, a sound family he has been close to and that he insists on having him close, inviting him to several gatherings. Narrations for Smino and Sango. And above all, a horizon as infinite as his musical appetites. From Toronto to Amoreira Valley, from Chicago to Telheiras, from Kingston to Intendente, from São Paulo to Morabeza, the hunger for ecstasy is insatiable.

That's why each night is unique. To ask him to repeat is to stop him in an unstoppable growth that natural energy feeds and stimulates. Listening to him is like dancing until the morning, watching him is staying awake without the need for additives and running to the beach to the sound of Tim Maia. All of it is frenzy and devil in the body at peace in the saint. There are few like that.

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